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User acceptance of Mobile App named – CRYSTULL

Research Paper

Aastha chaudhary


Galgotias University

Under The Guidance of

Dr. Chandrani Ganguly                                                                           

Title of the Project

User acceptance of Mobile App named – CRYSTULL


CRYSTULL is a Social Media Mobile App, which is in its beta Testing Phase which means it’s not has been launched yet. So I worked in its initial testing phase to check its user acceptance and along with that to check its Test automation frameworks, performance testing and optimization, security & strategies test for mobile, Cross-platform testing, accessibility & compatibility testing with different devices and operating systems, Usability & Exploratory testing.

Primary reason to choose this topic-

As CRYSTULL app hasn’t been launched yet so there was a great scope of research and that’s what I did along with my team. I have worked with many others in this project. 

Main Objective of the project

To evaluate the functionality, usability, and overall user experience of a CRYSTULL app.

The project may involve testing CRYSTULL CRYSTULL’s features, performance, and security, as well as assessing the CRYSTULL’s ability to meet user needs and expectations.

Specifically, the project may include activities such as:

  • Identifying key user personas and scenarios for testing.
  • Creating test plans and test cases to evaluate the CRYSTULL’s features and functionality.
  • Conducting usability testing to assess the CRYSTULL’s ease of use and user experience.
  • Evaluating the CRYSTULL’s performance and scalability to ensure it can handle large volumes of users and data.
  • Assessing the CRYSTULL’s security features to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks.
  • Conducting A/B testing to compare different versions of CRYSTULL app and determine which performs better.

The ultimate goal of a CRYSTULL app testing research project is to identify and address any issues or problems with CRYSTULL app before it is released to the public, ensuring that it is user-friendly, reliable, and meets the needs of its intended audience.

Scope of the Project –

  • Functionality Testing: This involves testing the CRYSTULL’s features and functions to ensure that they work as intended.
  • Usability Testing: This involves evaluating the CRYSTULL’s ease of use, user interface, and overall user experience.
  • Performance Testing: This involves assessing the CRYSTULL’s speed, responsiveness, and ability to handle large volumes of users and data.
  • Security Testing: This involves evaluating the CRYSTULL’s security features and identifying potential vulnerabilities and risks.
  • Compatibility Testing: This involves testing CRYSTULL app on different devices, operating systems, and web browsers to ensure that it works correctly across different platforms.

The scope of CRYSTULL app testing research project may also include conducting user research and analysis to understand user needs and preferences, as well as identifying and addressing any user pain points or issues.

Working methodology –

Planning: In this we define the scope and objectives of the research project, identifying the key research questions and hypotheses, selecting the appropriate research methods and techniques, and developing a detailed project plan with timelines and milestones.

Design: In this we develop the research protocol, including the test scenarios, data collection, analysis plan and the sample population.

Execution: In this we conduct the research activities, which may include usability testing, functional testing, security testing, performance testing, and user research. During this, we will collect and analyse data, identify any issues or problems with the app, and make recommendations for improvement.

Reporting: In this we synthesize the findings from the research project into a final report or presentation. We will include a detailed description of the research methodology, the key findings, and recommendations for improving the app. We may also provide a summary of the research results to CRYSTULL app development team, along with specific recommendations for addressing any issues or problems that were identified.

Details about Hardware & Software Used –

As it is a Mobile App so the hardware used is – Mobile phone only, and it is in itself an application so the software used is Android only.

Hardware & Software- Android Mobile Phone

It is not functional in IOS Mobile Phones

Listing out testing technology –

  • Test automation frameworks: Appium, Selenium, and Calabash can be used to automate CRYSTULL Beta Testingin beta phase. These frameworks allow for the creation of automated test scripts that can be used to test the CRYSTULL’s functionality, performance, and user interface.
  • Mobile device emulators and simulators: The Android Emulator and the iOS Simulator, can be used to test CRYSTULL app on virtual devices.
  • Cloud-based testing platforms: Sauce Labs and BrowserStack, allow for CRYSTULL Beta Testing on a wide range of real devices in the cloud.
  • Network virtualization tools: Network Virtualization by HPE, can be used to simulate different network conditions, such as low bandwidth or high latency, to test the CRYSTULL’s performance under different network conditions.
  • Performance testing tools: JMeter and LoadRunner, can be used to test the CRYSTULL’s performance under different load conditions, to ensure that it can handle large volumes of users and data.
  • Manual testing tools: Testlio, Testdroid, and TestFairy can be used to perform manual testing of the app. This is particularly useful for testing the CRYSTULL’s user interface, usability, and accessibility.

Limitations of the system proposed –

  • Limited testing environment
  • Limited user base
  • Limited time for testing
  • Limited testing resources
  • Lack of user feedback
  • Limited access to data
  • Limited testing of edge cases
  • Incomplete documentation
  • Limited integration testing
  • Security concerns

Specifying the contribution that the project would make –

  • Improved user experience
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Enhanced customer engagement and loyalty
  • New revenue streams
  • Improved data collection and analysis
  • Improved accessibility and convenience
  • Increased brand awareness and recognition
  • Enhanced competitive advantage
  • Improved customer support and service
  • Improved health and wellness

Conclusion –

The CRYSTULL Beta Testing project was conducted to assess the functionality, usability, performance, and security of CRYSTULL app in beta phase. Through a combination of manual and automated testing, we were able to identify several bugs, issues, and areas for improvement, which were documented in the test reports. Based on our findings, we recommend that the development team prioritize the resolution of critical and high-severity issues, optimize the CRYSTULL’s performance and speed, enhance its user interface and user experience, and strengthen its security features.

Overall, the CRYSTULL Beta Testing project was instrumental in identifying and addressing potential issues and improving the quality of CRYSTULL app before its release. We believe that our testing efforts will contribute to a successful launch of CRYSTULL app and enhance its value and usability for its users. We also recommend that future testing efforts continue to be conducted on an on-going basis to ensure that CRYSTULL app remains functional, secure, and optimized over time.


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