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Masters In Business Analytics in Canada

Most international students find Canada to be a desirable study abroad location. With its top-notch universities, reasonable costs, numerous scholarships, and exclusive professional chances, it has truly emerged as the new El Dorado for most students. We’ve got your back if you’re one of the people looking to pursue a MSBA in Canada.

Everything you require to know about obtaining an MSBA in Canada is provided below. In this article, you can learn about the business analytics MBA program’s structure, universities, costs, application process, eligibility requirements, scholarships, job options, and frequently asked questions.

Eligibility Criteria for MSBA in Canada

Academic prerequisites

You must have earned a B+ grade point average (87-89%) on a 3 to 4 year bachelor’s or undergraduate degree (or equivalent) in a comparable discipline. Make sure you are fully aware because certain universities only recognise certain undergrad degrees for entrance to master’s programmes.

Tests of English language proficiency

The language proficiency of foreign immigrants must be tested in Canada using a test like the IELTS or TOEFL. IELTS requires a minimum average band score of 7.0 or a TOEFL minimum score of 100. Also, this differs from one university to another.

earlier employment

In addition to these, having past professional experience or actual expertise of your area gives your student resume significant weight. Prior work experience can truly be a terrific addition that increases your chances of admission, even though it is not required. Exposure to studies and issues linked to the fields like calculus, statistics, programming, etc, are wonderful assets.

Various Test Results

To be admitted to a master’s programme in business analytics in Canada, candidates must have passed exams like the GMAT (minimum score around 550) or GRE (minimum score 155). Again, this grade varies from university to university.

Documents Checklist

  • Academic transcripts as demanded by your course and university
  • English language proficiency test scores
  • GMAT/GRE test scores
  • Proof of finances
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Your CV
  • Prior work experience certificate (if any)
  • Prior internships certificate (if any)

Top Universities offering MSBA in Canada

Rotman School of Management

The University of Toronto, which is ranked #2 in Canada and #13 globally, offers one of the best business analysis programmes in the country. The cost and duration of this 11-month business management analyst training in Canada are 67,000 CDN. It would be a mistake to miss this business analytics course, which is being given in one of Canada’s trendiest areas.

Desautels Faculty of Management

The greatest Master’s in analytics programme in Canada is provided by the Desautels College of Management, which is ranked as the nation’s top university by QS World Ranking. This programme offers practical experience-based education. This programme has a one-year duration and costs $9,000 CDN.

Sauder School of Business

The Sauder School of Management is unique in that it does not require applicants to have any prior work experience, unlike other master’s in analysis programmes in Canada. The fee for the course is roughly 60,000 Canadian dollars, and enrollment will begin in August 2022.

DeGroot School of Business

This business school is one of the top institutions for MSBA in Canada. Business analytics are emphasised in this 20-month course, with a specific focus on all other business areas. The cost is CAD 86,000, and the application date is March 17, 2022.

Alberta School of Business

The University of Alberta is another Canadian university that offers an MBA in business analytics. The cost of tuition is at CAD 57,909, which represents a sizable savings over that of the Degroote School of Business.

Moreover, the University gives scholarships to selected students depending on their participation and achievement in the classroom. Yet at least two years of professional experience are required for this degree.

HEC Montreal

If you are passionate about data but aren’t sure whether to pursue a master’s in business analytics or a master’s in data analysis in Canada, don’t worry. At HEC Montreal, one course type combines the two. The curriculum at HEC Montreal costs 30,000 CDN and lasts 16 to 24 months.

Schulich School of Business

If you want to start working with real data while you are still obtaining a master’s degree in analytics, this Canadian university provides the perfect full-time curriculum. The students receive the SAS certification. All Schulich business analytics students who are currently enrolled in Canada are eligible to apply for the Vector Institute Scholarships, which are worth roughly CAD 17,500.The cost is 26,730 CAD.

Smith’s School of Business

A classroom module or a blended learning framework are both options for the master’s in analytics programme offered by the Smith School of Management in Ottawa. So if you want to work while you learn, this course gives you a flexible timetable.

The cost of the Master of Management Analytics degree is CAD 79,900, and it begins in April 2022. This business school has a scholarship programme called the Vector Institute Scholarship to help students with their tuition.

Carleton University

The Master of Applied Business Analytics programme offered by this university is the only business analytics programme in Canada that enables students to work on actual problems while they are studying to strengthen their capacity to address them later. The 12-month training has a cost of CAD 16,856.

IVEY Business School

The Master of Management in Analytics programme at the IVEY business school does not need applicants to have a GMAT score, in contrast to other business analytics programmes available in Canada.They believe that the GMAT scores do not fairly represent a candidate’s ability.

The program’s tuition is CAD 72,000, and it begins in September 2022.

Cost of Studying MSBA in Canada

Pre-arrival Cost

ParticularsCost in CAD
Canadian Study Permit150
IELTS/TOEFL fees250-245*
Registration feesVariable
Flight ticketsVariable
GRE/GMAT fees230-250

Living Expenses

Also, it can be quite expensive to live in Canada as an international student. If you reside on campus, your housing will run you between 8,000 and 10,000 CDN a year. Rent in a shared residence off-campus ranges from 400 to 700 CDN per month. The cost of lodging varies depending on the area and living conditions. Spend about 100 CAD a month on travel, 350 CAD a month on food (again, depending on diet and tastes), and 200 CAD extra each month for entertainment, etc.

Scholarships for MSBA in Canada

There are numerous scholarships available to help you pay for your MSBA in Canada in order to reduce the financial burden placed on students, encourage higher education, and draw highly educated immigrants to the country. To make the most of this opportunity, be sure to apply to all of the positions for which you are qualified.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2022Select universitiesPartial funding
Agnes K. Missirian ScholarshipArmenian studentsPartial funding
Global Citizen Scholarship 2022For universities supported by MPOWERFull funding
NLB Scholarships, 2022Students of SingaporeFull funding
International Peace Scholarships (For Women)Female candidates, only at approved universitiesFull funding
Scotiabank FellowshipInternational studentsUp to 80,000

Career Scope after MSBA in Canada

The high ROI and promising career chances provided by MSBA in Canada are two of the most compelling arguments for doing so in Canada. The job titles you can pursue and the typical pay for business analysts in Canada are listed below.

Job TitleAnnual Average Salary of Business Analyst in Canada (CAD)
Data Analyst58,544
Data Scientist79,751
Business Intelligence Analyst73,206
Revenue Management92,134
Management Analyst66,156
Market Research Analyst80,834
Business Intelligence Managers91,266

Each person who desires to study in Canada could have a variety of motivations. Comparatively speaking to other study abroad locations, it provides exceptionally great living conditions for students and affords options for affordable educational opportunities. Canada is the perfect destination for an international student because of its warm community.

Students from Canada have a phenomenal return on investment. The region promises investment returns faster than most other countries and offers a wide range of job opportunities and advancement. Speaking of MBA degrees, Canada offers various prospects for MSBA graduates due to its status as a developed country. To add to the sugar dust, the country also freely offers easy citizenship, offers of permanent residence, good pay for business analysts, and many other benefits.


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