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Cloud Provider to Meet Growing Demands of Data Security and Web Based Applications

Cutting edge technology of cloud computing is harnessed to offer wide ranging solutions to individuals as well as enterprises. Established cloud hosting provider host users’ websites on virtual servers by pulling computing resources from clusters of physical servers that are positioned in state-of-the-art data centers spread globally.

Overview of Cloud Hosting Services

Hosting of websites on physical servers is a conventional service offered by hosting service providers. Users can avail dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and shared hosting services that are essentially backed by physical servers.

Cloud hosting is an improved version of such services since the websites are hosted on group of multiple servers that exist as an integrated cluster. This kind of hosting is also termed as clustered hosting. There are multiple types of cloud hosting services available with leading cloud server hosting services provider including:

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Cloud servers
  • Cloud storage
  • Cloud e-mail
  • Cloud CDN (content delivery network)

When users are offered hardware resources that are virtualized for building their websites by installing their own software, the services are known as IaaS or infrastructure as a service.

Platform as a service module offered by established cloud hosting provider facilitates clients use software resources that include operating systems, web server software, and many more components of programming. PaaS enables users to directly develop and install their web-based applications.

Significance of Cloud Server Hosting

With advent of internet enabled hand held devices there is an increased need for data availability, irrespective of time and geographical location of users. Enterprises have begun to subscribe to idea of virtual offices by using cloud-based applications.

Experienced cloud hosting provider empowers e-commerce enterprises by ensuring high uptime of their business-critical websites as well as protecting vital applications and data. Physical servers are always exposed to natural calamities and thus the data stored is perpetually vulnerable to loss or damage.

On the other hand, cloud server hosting ensures seamless data protection by leveraging cluster of remotely located servers. This obviates the need of storing data on external hard disks or physical machine. Cloud eliminates threats of server failure to enable users to concentrate on core business functions.

Cloud hosting can be adopted for number of reasons. It presents an excellent alternative to shift server workloads to a more secure environment. Cloud based applications such as cloud CDN and cloud e-mail add value to IT infrastructure of organization and thereby improves business optimization as well as work efficiency.

Cloud hosting is also used for running business critical applications related to accounting, finances, logistics, CRM, inventory management, and so forth. Cloud platform protects IT infrastructures and streamlines IT processes in a unified and homogeneous manner.

Established cloud hosting provider agencies blend avant-garde storage and networking hardware to build steadfast data storage solution for enterprises. It has amazing capabilities of managing multiple connections thus ensuring freedom from fear of single hypervisor failure. The enterprise class storage platform can rapidly provision required amount of cloud storage and users can schedule frequency of automated data backups.

Important Features of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is highly dependable service because it does not depend on a single server for operations. The safety of cloud-based applications is due to the fact that the web-based applications leverage resources from a cluster of servers instead of a single machine, unlike shared or dedicated environment.

By distributing resources over a group of servers, cloud hosting dramatically improves uptime and overall website performance. Add to this the presence of highly responsive load balancing technology that apportions demands for flawless web operations.

Clustered hosting can only be successful and secure, if the physical servers that form the clustered are positioned in safe and efficient data centers. Dependable cloud hosting provider leaves no stone unturned to ensure presence of enterprise class data centers with carrier neutral networking facilities.

Resilience and elasticity are of utmost importance while hosting your business-critical applications. Consistent accessing of resource requirements enables cloud platform to scale resources in real time, thus mitigating the risk of traffic spikes affecting website speed.

In terms of cost effectiveness, cloud hosting plans India are the most preferred choices of organizations. You can ensure cost optimization through pay-as-you-go model of cloud-based services. Users are required to pay only for the services that are being used periodically.

Reliable cloud hosting provider is recognized for guaranteed technical support by certified IT professionals. Cloud hosting is the panacea for businesses that are struggling with website management and data security in today’s highly competitive business landscape.


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