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The Ghost and the Host: Choosing the Right Hosting Services for Your Website

What is it that businesses need the most for their exponential growth? Four factors are widely known. Land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship being the pillars of a rapid growth. But there is a fifth factor which leads to exponential growth. This fifth factor is the digital factor.  The logic is simple. For the rapid growth of a business, the digital market is the best market. Not only can it provide access to the largest ever audience possible, it can also provide new avenues to make online campaigns successful. Having said that, the first and foremost thing that needs to be noted in this case is the idea of going online. Definitely, this is possible only when the user has an effective key to unlock the digital market. And this key to unravel new possibilities for your business is nothing but your website. Your website is the real gateway to all sorts of digital transformation possible.

Now you might be wondering if there can be a simple way around to design your website by the simplest method possible. The answer is hosting. Website hosting providers offer you a range of tools which enable you to design a website in the simplest manner possible. These range of tools are customized in such a way that the user can cherry-pick from a basket of themes, fonts and other templates to give as unique a look to his website as possible.

Explaining Basics

Which service to choose –paid, free or cheap.

Well, once you have decided to get you website hosted, there are a number of options available before you. You might be lured to get all the services free. And the reality is that you will find multiple options in this subset. Another option is paid option which you might feel less attracted to but the services they offer are worth it. Paid service providers are in fact the only ones that will not disappoint you at any stage. However, if you are constrained by funds, you might hunt for a cheap web hosting service provider which is an amicable solution out.

Ghost prices

There is no dearth of service providers in the market which provide cheap services at the beginning but later on disclose their hidden costs and cheat their clients.


What is most important in the business of hosting is the trustworthiness of the service provider. You have to verify at first instance itself whether the products of the provider are their own. Another thing that has to be checked is whether the provider is providing original or pirated products to its clients.

Desk support

You have to be aware of the basic knowledge while developing a website. Even if you don’t have the basic knowledge, a good service provider will provide you with round the clock customer support and aware you of the basic technicalities for developing a creative website.

Web hosting

Web hosting can be defined as the hosting support provided for the development of a website to individuals or organizations. However, the services are not limited to hosting a website alone. Support from the hosting services provider is also provided in the form of a dedicated mailing list, access rights to the hardware, designer tools, ability to create online tools and also platform to secure online transactions if any.

Types of Web Hosting Services

There are four main types of hosting.

  1. Shared hosting
  2. VPS hosting
  3. Dedicated server hosting
  4. Cloud hosting

1. Shared hosting

To understand shared hosting, let us begin with an example. Think of hiring a farmhouse to spend your holidays. You may be tempted to hire it all alone but after seeing the price, you decide to hire it along with your friends so that the price is distributed. Similarly, in shared hosting services, a server is hired by various types of websites. This has two important benefits. Firstly, it reduces any unnecessary burden on the exchequer of the company. Secondly, it allows the company to channelize its resources for other important purposes. However, it has some drawbacks as well. When a large number of websites are hosted by a single server, there is every chance of the traffic getting increased and this may cause the speed of the website to become minimal. Moreover, it may also compromise with the security of the website. Nevertheless, it is good for startups and other small businesses that do not have a voluminous seed capital in place. To address the shortcomings, we introduce the concept of dedicated server hosting.

2-Dedicated hosting

For start-ups for which money is not an issue, dedicated server hosting is one of the best options. Its servers’ multiple numbers of benefits. Let us mention a few in its first place. Dedicated server hosting ensures that a particular server is used for one and only one website. This dedicated hosting service serves two important functions. Firstly, it ensures that the technical control of the server lies with the company itself. Secondly, it ensures that downtime is as minimum as possible.

3-VPS hosting

VPS hosting service can be regarded as the panacea to counter the drawbacks of shared hosting. As the name suggests, VPS or virtual private server is all about providing a virtual server to individual websites. Let us take a close look at this. In VPS hosting, the main server is split into smaller or virtual servers. The prime purpose served by this type of hosting is that it improves the page loading speed of the website due to lower traffic.

4-Cloud hosting

In cloud hosting services, a website is hosted by numerous servers and that too at the same time. This type of hosting is most conducive for those websites that are expecting a large volume of traffic and are not worried about the technical control or want to delegate this control to the host.

Knowing What You Want

After the basic homework is done, the first case in the point is knowing your personalized needs. These may include one or more of the following;

  • The type of website you are building
  • The type of content and themes you need in your website
  • Are you ready to remain satisfied with WordPress hosting?
  • The type of areas in which you are weak. To strengthen your grasp, you can take a free PHP Test.
  • The amount of the website traffic you are expecting

A small tip

Though the hosting services you are looking for have to be tailor-made according to your needs, a small tip that can be given at this point of time is that if you are looking for a small informatory website or a blog, you are probably not intending to move towards a VPS hosting service.

On the other hand, the voluminous traffic that is associated with an e-commerce website befits the services provided by a VPS host.

If you are a juvenile

If you are new in this domain, the best option available for you is to go for shared hosting. What new folks in this domain want, that shared hosting offers and this forms a perfect combination between the two. Besides being easy to maintain and cost-effective, it lets you focus on the website operations without having to worry about its maintenance.

Time zones

As your website is visible to the audience worldwide, it has to be in operation round the clock. What may be working hours in one time zone may not be the same in others. In this context, the web hosting service provider should ensure the functionality of the website round the clock.

Domain names

Domain names are the most exciting features that both the service provider and the client are interested in. literally speaking, domain names act as identity cards and do the work of signboards. What is primary in this regard is that you should opt for a host that provides not one but multiple domain names. To put it in numbers, some web hosting providers offer as many as 25 add on domains.

The Trial Period and the Roller Coaster Ride

Before you sign up for a website, there are few things that you need to clarify. Few among them are the following:

  • Is the trial period offered to you by the host riddled with certain conditions?
  • Should you decide to make an exit during the trial period, is there anything that you need to pay for?
  • Are there any other conditions associated with the signup policy?

The trial period may seem to be a roller coaster ride but it has to be ensured that the benefits that accrue at the time of sign up remain as long as the client is a genuine member.


SSL certification and dedicated IP are the two most prominent features that you need to look for if you are going to deal with an e-commerce website. The software related to shopping cart is also essential as it would act as a source to drive revenue. So, it is important that the web host provides dedicated e-commerce support features.

Concluding notes

It is not necessary that in order to carve out a niche for an excellent website, you will need to explore the best hosting provider in the world but the one that caters best to your needs.


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