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Transform Computing – NVMe SSD Storage

Do you remember the times when windows took minutes to just boot up? That SRT screen glowed with delay just like a halogen bulb, do you remember the struggle? 

Of course, yes, and why wouldn’t you? You were a part of the computer revolution. But honestly, today’s kids will never experience it. They are more habitual with quick startups, quick refresh and quick shutdowns.

It is just because technology has gotten better over time. Now we have a wide range of monitors available in varied sizes. Keyboards have gotten small. The mouse is now sleek. Processors so fast that a newbie would consider a computer with an i9 processor, a supercomputer. 

This is how fast technology is advancing. But why is technology advancing so fast? Is it even possible? 

As technology develops and advances many folds it never happens in just one field it can be described as a thunderstorm that brings rain and rumble to a wide area and not just trees. Therefore, there is a wide range of devices, tangible and intangible that gets affected. 

Out of plenty of such continuously advancing devices, we will be talking about storage devices, in this. But in that as well there is a wide range. So, to be specific we will be talking about NVMe SSDs. 

But what are they?  

Before we get in the deep transit of knowledge… Let us first talk about and understand the simple meaning of the complex-looking term, NVMe. 

What is NVMe?  

NVMe stands for Nonvolatile Memory Express. It is a new storage access and transport protocol for flash and Solid-State Drives (SSDs). Now let us have a look at SSDs. 

What is an SSD?  

As we talked earlier, SSD stands for Solid State Drive. No, it just not loads windows faster but also it is a next-gen technology that delivers the highest throughput and fastest response time (as of now), for all official enterprise workloads. And it has more to do than just increasing the bot up speed.

How is it transforming computing?

When we are talking about NVMe SSDs there is more to look at. 

I remember going to get my laptop’s RAM increased because I was facing a lot of issues related to speed. Although my win10 was booting in the usual time but accessing other files through the system became a tiresome task. It reached a limit when I double-clicked the Firefox icon and it took around 5 minutes to just put everything in place and get things going. Because in those 5 minutes I lost interest to do the assigned work? I was ready with some other thing in mind to search. 

Imagine this happening when there is something important to work on.

Imagine it is ‘Planet of the Apes’ kind of situation and internet service can die anytime and you’re using a system where Firefox take 5 minutes to start. You would not only be mad but also lose your motivation to survive. 

So, coming back to the situation where I took my laptop to the service centre, there I met Sri. Sri told me to get an SSD instead of increasing the RAM. He insisted that it is better to get an SSD than to increase RAM. Although I was reluctant then, but after using the upgraded laptop for a month now, I can say that it was the right decision. Not only the window’s boot-up time has reduced but also my overall work has become smooth.

The crux of the story is that SSDs are not only improving the computing environment but also it is keeping us motivated to work. 

Let me ask again, how is it transforming? 

Well, it is transforming because the first flash-based SSD was a successor to the traditional HDDs but it lacked speed. 

So, to bring balance and do justice with SSDs, speed was given the next priority. With speed came PCIe SSDs. PCIe is a type of slot that enables high-speed data transfers.

But then they were leveraging the firmware for speed. And then came NVMe SSDs. The speciality of NVMe Hosting is that it provides high performance, direct connectivity to the host and is feature-rich.

This in short makes the NVMe SSDs the first choice of gamers and businesses.

But why businesses?

Any business has a large pile of data that demands security. And it also requires speed to store that and access it when needed. With rising of cloud computing data is being stored over the clouds. And in an organization, it becomes easily accessible for the people in authority to access it and review it. But it becomes possible only when you have the speed to access it. This brings NVMe SSDs into the picture, the highly efficient storage device.

NVMe SSDs, unlike their predecessors, helps to avoid the bottlenecks for everything from traditional scale-up database applications to emerging Edge computing architectures to meet new data demands.

Designed for high performance and non-volatile storage media, NVMe is the only protocol that stands out in highly demanding and computes intensive enterprise, cloud, and edge data ecosystems.

Now that we are talking about cloud computing technology, we cannot leave NVMe SSDs behind. 

Nvme SSD Storage Cloud Hosting India

We have already talked about the countless features of NVMe SSDs and so when we add that to cloud computing things get interesting.

NVMe based SSD servers deliver innovative technology that enhances performance, ease management and offers explicit user experience. 

With NVMe storage-based servers you get high performance, flawless user experience, efficient queue management and non-volatile security.

Non-volatile security means that even when there is a sudden power cut or something similar, your data is secured and saved over the cloud storage and you can access it anytime. 

How could any organization resist itself from using it? The best part of it is that we now have this technology in India as well. Numerous organizations are providing this facility and are affordable.


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