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How to Hire the Right MERN Stack Development Partner for your App?

Full-stack development has become very popular lately. With Full Stack development, companies unlock end-to-end application development with front and back-end development needs. Meaning the user interface and business logic, and workflow can be built using the same technology.

When we refer to the same technology, the MERN stack is one of the most highly demanding app development solutions in the industry. More and more businesses are looking forward to hiring MEAN stack developers who can offer full stack development capabilities.

In this article, you will get a key insight into the MERN stack and a complete process of finding the right MEAN stack development company for your application. Let us head into the article.

What is MEAN Stack for full stack development?

MEAN stack is a complete technology providing companies with Full stack development solutions, front end and back end. The tech stack comprises the below sub-technologies:

  • M: MongoDB for database
  • E: Express.js for middleware
  • A: Angular.js for Front end development
  • NodeJS: For back-end development

With a powerful tech stack, MEAN has become a universal language for a full-stack development for enterprises as well as startups.

MERN stack development partner for your app
Figure 1Components in MERN stack

Why are Enterprises looking for MEAN stack developers?

Enterprises are looking for MEAN stack developers because MEAN delivers a full stack development solution. However, it is not enough. Here are some more pointers answering the same:

  • Java-Script for front and back end, speeding the overall app development process
  • The complete tech stack of MEAN is open-source in nature
  • NoSQL database delivers great flexibility to the database requirements
  • Node.js provides a robust run time environment to Express.js
  • Cheaper development solution because of its open-source nature
  • Speedy development process
  • Full stack development opportunity using one tech stack
  • Constant support and maintenance from the respective communities

Without any complex confusion, it is clear that MEAN stack development companies offer a great level of flexibility and agility to businesses looking to build an app. According to Forbes, the E-commerce industry, which will achieve a milestone of 50% growth by 2025, believes MERN is the best tech stack for building E-commerce apps. Not only E-commerce MEAN stack is leading all industries.

How to find the right MEAN Stack development services provider?

To find the right MEAN stack development service provider you have to consider multiple factors.

Analyse and prepare a list of your requirements

Perform a strong analysis of your project’s requirements and metrics before consulting with a MEAN stack app development firm. When you focus on planning, you will save your time and effort later. Building an MVP is a great idea for building an exceptional product for your business.

Determine the available hiring models

Hiring remains the number one concern of CEOs and the entire executive suite. If we analyze the numbers, an average of $4129 ( is spent by employers on the hiring process of just 1 person in the USA.

So, you have to choose the right hiring model for your MERN stack requirements if you want to build a successful project. There are several hiring models available for businesses

  • Inhouse: Building a MERN stack app development team inside your premises is known as an Inhouse team. You have to recruit developers, designers, managers, and more to build the right app development team. However, the hiring process can be costly to businesses.
  • Outsourcing: You can outsource your development services to a Mern stack company that is an expert in full-stack development. This is one of the cost-effective models for your business. Further, the outsourcing team will also take care of maintaining your application for the long term.
  • Freelance: Working with freelancers can be a good choice if you want to hire a few of the experts on a contract. However, it is not a suitable choice.

Selecting the outsourcing firm

With the above available options, outsourcing is a popular model for businesses. You can explore the list of top mean & modern app development companies from multiple recognized directories. From there, you can shortlist your top MERN app development partners. Websites like Clutch have 98,000+ client reviews from real people. You can also look for other websites like Good firms to get a list of MERN stack-based app development companies.

Evaluating the soft skills of your partner

Not only the technical knowledge, but you also have to ensure that your selected partner has comprehensive soft skills. This includes planning, regular meeting, and effective communication. In one of the research where the author taught soft skills to the associate consultants, their success rate went up from 0 to 95% ( Without smooth communication, it is challenging to finish a project smoothly.

What questions to ask while hiring Mean Stack developers?

Hiring the right MERN stack company also consists of asking the right questions to your company. You need to get a clear idea about your development team before hiring them. Here are the key questions you must ask your Mean Stack developers before finally giving them a contract for your project.

  • What apps have you built using MEAN stack?
  • What are your years of experience in the Full stack development domain?
  • Why should I pick you as my app development partner?
  • How do you solve my challenge using your MERN stack development solutions?
  • What are the business values that help you stand aside from the competition?

Once you have a clear idea about your development partner, you can start consulting your app development project.

Meanwhile, do not forget to check their digital portfolio

It is important! Do not forget to check the portfolio of your MERN app development partner on digital platforms. This will also help you analyse the right tech stack for your business. You must analyze and verify their:

  • Social media platforms
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Website blog section
  • Testimonial section
  • Behance designing portfolio
  • Services page content

The digital platform is the backbone of the IT sector, and you must verify the digital portfolio of your app development partners.

What is next?

Once you pick the right MERN stack app development partner, the very next pointer will be to get in touch with their sales team and business analyst the team. Keep the blueprints of your app ready since, at this stage, you have to explain your app to the internal teams of your app development partner.


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