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Hair Thinning and Hair Shredding Problems


Our hair is made up of a structural protein named as ‘Keratin’ and it has been listed as one of the toughest proteins generated in our body. Your hair arises from minute structures embedded deep inside your scalp known as hair follicles. The main function of hair follicles is to provide a base for the hair and for their firm anchorage on the peripheral layers of the skin.

The sebaceous glands (responsible for producing the natural hair oil known as sebum) excavate into the hair follicle and provide nourishment and support. Hair follicles are formed at the time of birth inside the womb and the human race doesn’t grow new hair follicles after that. Our blood vessels are directly placed beneath the hair shaft and nourish the hair shafts. The combined effect of the sebum, body hormones and additional nutrients gives you a lush hair texture.


The three stages of hair growth include:

The Anagen/growth stage: The maximum portion of your visible hair (90 %) falls in this phase.

The Resting/catagen stage: This is the time period when your hair growth ceases.

The shedding/telogen stage: It is phase when your falls or sheds.

Hair loss problems: A regular thinning in the hair texture or hair shredding is often experienced by people of all age groups. The root cause of hair shedding is due to a slight gradation in the hair follicles when they start maturing from the growth stage towards the resting stage during the entire process of the hair development.

Regular episodes of hair shredding may be found amongst people any point of their life irrespective of their age, race and gender.


  • Poor eating habits: The crucial nutrients required for hair growth include protein Vitamin B-complex, iron and zinc. A deficiency of these essential components may affect the hair texture and other hair vitals as density, length and volume.
  • An unprecedented loss in the body weight. If you are restricting your calories due to some chronic illness, it may lead to hair fall problems.
  • Hormonal changes: The various hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy or child birth or at different stages of your life often cause hair thinning and hair loss.
  • Excessive use of drugs: When people are under medication or various drugs used for leisure, it leads to hair shredding.
  • Autoimmune diseases often affect the thyroid gland and cause alopecia areata in men and women.
  • Surgery: Surgical processes during the course of your life often lead to hair loss.
  • Metal exposure: A skin exposure to the metallic components present in the atmosphere can also lead to hair shredding.

Tips to be taken in mind while using the Orgatre best growth hair serum:

  • It is necessary to find out the triggers responsible for your hair fall and treat the root causes. As and when the triggers are monitored, we can keep a close watch on the hair fall problems.
  • A protein diet is essential for boosting up the structural proteins responsible for hair growth.
  • Include fruits rich in iron in your daily diet schedule as a deficiency of iron leads to hair loss.
  • You can contact your dermatologist if you are facing some hair fall issues on a regular basis.


The Orgatre best hair growth serum contains an exclusive combination of 5 essential vitamins and 5 organic essential oils in an accurate composition. The serum acts on the above listed causes of hair fall and accelerates the hair growth cycle to the fullest. It generates a nutrient rich atmosphere for your hair roots and improves the blood circulation.

The Orgatre hair growth serum contains a pack of five essential vitamins – Vit E, Vit C, Vit B3, Vit B5, and Vit B7 along with organic essential oils namely ginger oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, roman Chamomile Oil and thyme Oil. Other constituent elements of the serum which improve the efficacy include redensyl, anagain, procapil, capilla longa and red onion extract.

Redensyl is an award-winning element which acts directly on the hair growth cycle and helps in the awakening of the dormant hair follicles. Anagain, on the other hand helps in improving the necessary hair vitals as hair texture, volume, density and length. Procapil has been infused in the hair serum as it fights against the root causes of hair fall. Capilla longa plays a vital role in the entire hair growth cycle and enhances the growing ability of the deep-seated hair follicles. Red onion extract provides adequate amount of sulphur required for hair growth

Smooth and strong is the newest fashion.’ The Orgatre hair growth serum has been designed keeping in mind the current hair care trends in the market. It suits well on people of almost all age groups having different hair textures.

We are living in an atmosphere where we face stress and anxiety on a daily basis and the existing environmental pollution also poses a threat our scalp. Thus, a regular shampoo and a conditioner alone is not enough for haircare. Using a hair growth oil along with a regular hair growth serum is a necessity. The Orgatre hair growth serum is one of the best hair growth serum available in the market these days. It is purely organic and free from any side effects. It is advised that one should place an order for the combo offer provided by Orgatre – ‘the hair growth oil and hair growth serum combo’. These two magical products are available at a huge discount on the company’s website.

Conducting a patch test is a pre-requisite before the application of the hair growth oil and the hair growth serum. For the same, you should select a special part of your body as your elbow or your palm and apply a few drops of the serum and observe the effect of the serum at least a day or two. If you find any kind of side effects or visible allergic symptoms as rashes, hives or itching, do not use the product till you consult a dermatologist. While applying the hair serum, your scalp should be clean and tidy. For better results apply it on a wet scalp. Using the given dropper, apply a few drops of the hair growth serum as per your hair volume and length on the hair roots and spread it evenly using a wide-toothed comb. You can now dream of a glossier shiny look for your hair without any doubts.

The Orgatre hair growth serum gives you a non-oily touch and complete freedom form fizziness. The serum has surpassed the toxicity tests and has been declared free from sulphates and parabens. The richness of amino acids in the serum is an added advantage. The serum has been tested on real people and animals were not harmed during the manufacturing process. It is also rich in phytoextracts, essential carotenoids and bio-actives. The serum nourishes your scalp from deep within and aids in follicular rejuvenation.


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