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An Insight on Cloud CDN Services

Online businesses are meant to be available all the time and accessible from any location. Internet has influenced people’s lives and they are depending on the net for all their requirements. Websites have to be user friendly and fast. Organizations can ill afford to have any downtime. They need to be ready for all types of unexpected issues like a technical snag or unexpected number of visitors to the site. Increase in traffic can lead to the website slowing down or crashing. It has become necessary for the businesses to avail cloud CDN services to ensure that the website content is available at all times without any delay. Visitors to a site now have plenty of buying options and do not like waiting long for a site to upload. They just move on to the other websites for the products and services they want.

What is cloud CDN?

CDN is an acronym for content delivery network. It is a system where content of a website is made available in different locations across the world. The content is duplicated and distributed to the network of servers in data centers that are situated at various geographical points. The cloud CDN services providers have the servers positioned at major points to control the heavy traffic volume by giving visitors access to the duplicated content from the server nearest to their location. The CDN ensures the content is available at a very fast speed that would keep the visitors satisfied.

Content providers are turning to the cloud CDN services while hosting their websites and thus are getting many benefits in the form of reliability and continuity without any high costing infrastructure capital investment. The biggest advantage is delivery of every type of static and dynamic content including videos, audios, js files, css files and images within no time. This ensures that the visitors to a website get access to both text and video content with no server lag.

Why is CDN important?

With cloud CDN services websites are assured of continuity.  Being online with maximum uptime is crucial issue every business looks for. The business could be a blog or a large online shopping supermarket or an online magazine, it has to be available to the visitors. CDN guarantees continuous accessibility.

Speed is another crucial requirement for the success of every online business. Visitors searching for any product do not want to waste their time waiting. With cloud CDN they are directed to the nearest server and can access their required content quickly. It is reachable on all internet connected mobile devices, personal computers and gaming consoles.

Cloud CDN services improves search engine ranking of the websites. Content is loaded from the nearest server and is accessible to visitors at a fast pace irrespective of their location. Search engines like Google value the local addresses thereby increasing the search engine optimization (SEO) for the client’s website.

CDN is a cost effective, easy to use and manageable solution and does not entail any infrastructure investment for setting up. The client has more time to manage their business performance and productivity without having to worry about downtime and crashes.

CDN technology makes it possible to control malware and virus from infiltrating into the websites, spammers and hackers and prevents Ddos attacks.

Advantages to clients using cloud CDN

Cloud CDN services reduce the page load time of any type of website and improves the performance. A fast and easily accessible website draws the attention of the visitor and retains their interest and they will keep coming back with any new requirements.  Another important function of cloud CDN is monitoring and managing high traffic to a website with ease. It is scalable and can add or reduce resources depending on the situation ensuring there is disruption of service at any time. With cloud CDN services websites will never have any downtime as the content is made available across various locations throughout the world. It is affordable with low operational costs with the pay as you go policy.

Choosing a CDN:

Customers have to consider their website’s specific needs before they sign up for cloud CDN services. The first requirement is to check the website’s bandwidth usage and traffic it draws on regular basis. This can be known from the web hosting provider. They could choose a regular plan if traffic is less or a premium account if the traffic is heavy. If the website has videos, podcasts, music or large images it is recommended to go in for a premium CDN service. Another requirement is to check the server locations. The client has to consider where they have most of visitors from and considers CDNs located in those areas.   The third point is to check the support the host extends. Some provide technical support over phone while some are available on live chat and mail too. It is again preferable to look for a CDN that is available 24/7 and to give a thorough reading of the service level agreement.


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