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12 Fancy Birthday Cakes for Girls

So the birthday of a girl in your life, let her be your sister, friend, or girlfriend, is around but the butterflies in your stomach are growing already day by day. Wait, do not crack under the pressure. You are among the most important people in her life and it is your responsibility as well to design the birthday plan for her. Birthday is when you are required to put forward all your love & friendship with the help of birthday cakes. You should plan a memorable birthday party for her including heart-touching & highly expressional gifts. She is among the best parts of your life and she puts a lot of effort into filling your life with joy & happiness. So when it comes to celebrating the special day of her life – her birthday, you should do your best.

Fancy Birthday Cakes for Girls

Here are some of the best ideas that you can adopt while arranging a cake for the girl of your life, even if she is your sister, friend, or girlfriend.

MAC Make Theme Cake

This beautiful fondant cake will make her crave in anticipation. This cake is decorated to perfectly recreate MAC Makeup Products that consists of lipstick, foundation, makeup brushes, eye shadows, & blush. Also, this cake can be modified based on the occasion and/or the age group.

Always Dress to Impress Cakes

You are never-ever fully dressed without a Smile On. So, this delectable cake is a great way to cheer up every girl who loves to dress up. Yes, feel gorgeous, be gorgeous, & celebrate a Birthday with such a beautiful half cake like this. Order cakes online like this Always Dress to Impress Cake NOW for the Same Day Delivery, Fixed Time Delivery, or Midnight Delivery.

Mouthwatering Chocolate Cream Cake

The amazing taste of this cake is going to offer great fun. The chocolate cream cake is an ideal gift that you can present to your loved ones from us to make every occasion special. This cake is provided with the best doorstep cake delivery services to convey real emotions in a meaningful way.

Pink Dress Barbie Cakes

This adorable Barbie Doll cake is perfect for kids’ parties. Make their birthday celebration more special with this pink-dressed Barbie-themed half cake. Pick up this designer fondant cake and get it customized in any flavor of your choice.

Fabulous Women Cake

Everyone has an extraordinary woman in our lives, who is fabulous as well as multitasking. This ‘Fabulous Women Cake’ is dedicated to all those charming women who can handle multiple tasks with great ease. Order it now and surprise your wife, fiancé, girlfriend, mother, sister, beloved daughter, or boss. Well, she will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Also, you can order and send this cake in different options, eggless or sugar-free.

Rose Elephant Fondant Cakes

For the doll-like cute little girl, a cake that is covered in pink edible roses with a pretty fondant elephant character that wears a pink girly bow tie is an amazing surprise. Everyone calls it – ‘Rosy Elephant Cake’ and also, it is something delicious & delightful! Take advantage of the best online cake delivery services and order this Rose Elephant Fondant Cake right now.

Princess Elsa Themed Cake

Showcase your unconditional love to the little fan of Princess Elsa on her birthday by giving her a surprise with this astounding ‘Princess Elsa Themed Cake’. She will surely love you for presenting this adorable surprise. Also, it will salivate the taste buds of all the party attendees. Essentially, it will bring a huge smile to your little princess’s face.

Rose Theme Cakes

Do you know what Beauty looks like? This cake gives you a perfect example. The beautifully designed rose cream on the top of the mushy cake base is an ideal choice to define your celebration from the baby shower to the little princess’s birthday. Note: This cake is available in 6 flavors namely Chocolate, Butterscotch, Vanilla, Strawberry, Black forest, & Pineapple.

Fondant Round Cake

Love gives us a reason to celebrate and celebration calls for a cake that represents sheer & happiness. With uncountable layers of love, each bite of this spongy cake gives a sweet pleasure. This cake is delivered while being enveloped in fondant icing and also, and it is topped with red romantic hearts. Thus, it culminates into an edible piece of love & happiness.

Bear Cream Cake

The cuteness of a bear’s face on this cake will steal all your guests’ hearts and will make them smile. If the girl in your life loves cartoons, this cake will make her happy and bring charm to the party. So it’s a lovely idea to surprise her with this delicious ‘Bear Cream Cake’. So, send cakes online or make cake delivery in Noida to someone whose birthday is near.

Fairy Tale Cakes

This gorgeous ‘Fairy Tale Cake’ is nothing but a dream come true for your cute and lovely daughter. On her birthday, you can create an ever-lasting memory in your daughter’s life with this 2-tier fondant Barbie cake that has a crown on the top.

Round Fondant Heart Cake

He is the reason for your happiness and she is the reason that you believe in true love. And besides you with her; your life is just like a fairytale dream. Celebrate the best decision of your life, your marriage with your fiancé with this hearty luscious cake. Baked with love, and decorated with romantic hearts, you can express your feelings to her in the best worthy manner.

To Wrap Up

Birthday is a very special day in anyone’s life and in a girl’s life, it is an even more special day. Thus, if you want to gift a beautiful & fancy Birthday Cake to her, read the above article carefully and decide which cake you would like to give. Also, connect with us now and order any of the above cakes that you would like.


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