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Virtual meetings in 2023: What? Why? Where?

We all know how important meetings are when it comes to any organization and its functioning. Be it a small-scale organization or even a startup, everybody needs to host regular meetings in order to maintain communication and dialogue between team members and fellow professionals. As part of a typical formal work culture, meetings are held in regular intervals among an organization, between employees, and even two organizations. 

Things went online since the pandemic came into the picture, and things haven’t been the same since then. Virtual meetings have become more popular, and even though things have now gone back to normal, virtual meetings are still relevant. It is mainly because of the fact that they are more advantageous than their in-person counterparts. 

However, though virtual meetings are still relevant these days, virtual meetings hosted back in 2020 are not relevant. There is one thing with technology, and that it keeps on upgrading. It is why one also needs to upgrade themselves with the constantly changing technology and trends. Therefore, you cannot host successful virtual meetings in 2023 with strategy, planning, and platforms for virtual meetings that are not upgraded. 

To host a virtual meeting belonging to 2023, you need a new strategy, and this blog is all about it. Here, we will take you through a guide that will help you host virtual meetings that are relevant in the upcoming year. So, without any ado, let us jump into the blog and see what it has in store for you. 

Let us start by knowing the meaning of virtual meetings. 

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are the online depiction of meetings that take place in a physical setting. In a virtual meeting, people connect over a platform for virtual meetings. There are several platforms for virtual meetings available in the market which let the participants connect with each other through their smartphones, laptops, and desktops. 

With virtual meetings, people belonging to different locations can connect with each other easily and seamlessly. Not only this, the platforms available for virtual meetings are so efficient that they almost bridge the gap between the real and the virtual world, delivering smooth experiences. 

Need for Virtual Meetings

We all know how popular the remote workforce became ever since the pandemic. Now that most organizations have adapted to the idea of working remotely, virtual meetings have become a mode of communication between employees and employers who are separated by distance. Virtual meetings and the platforms for virtual meetings have made communication easier than ever. 

Talking of another case where virtual meetings have made lives easier is by enabling companies and organizations to connect to their international and globally dispersed clients. Virtual meetings have eliminated the need for traveling and spending huge amounts of money on flight and hotel bills. Online meeting platforms offer users tools such as live chat, audio, and video conferencing, 1:1 or group chat options, networking spaces, and so many other tools that enable people to connect with each other and crack global deals all while sitting in their homes or offices. 

Tools and Features to Look for in Online Conference Platforms

Since online conferences and meetings have gained widespread popularity in recent years, it isn’t challenging to assume that the market is filled with several platforms for virtual meetings. However, the organizers need to have clarity about what they are looking for in the platform. 

To host meetings that are successful and get executed seamlessly, here are some features that one should consider looking for in a platform. 

  1. HD Video and Best Audio

The organizers should look for a platform that lets them stream the conference in HD video and with the best audio quality. It is important to deliver an enriching experience to your attendees and only the platforms with the best audio and video quality streaming can ensure that. 

  1. Screen Sharing

The next feature you should consider in a virtual conference platform is the screen-sharing functionality. With this feature, the presenters and speakers will be able to share their screens, helping the attendees in learning things faster and more efficiently. Not only this, but with this feature, they can share their ppts and other visual content, adding value to the overall learning experience of the attendees. 

  1. 1:1 & Group Messaging

To make communication feasible and keep things clear between the participants, you would require tools that facilitate communication. Hence, look for online conference platforms that come with tools like live chat, audio & video conferencing, networking lounges, and more. 

These tools are a necessity, and having these tools will make your conference more seamless and make communication smooth. 

  1. Administration

The next feature you should consider in a virtual meeting platform is how the platform is administered. Look for a tool you think you can tweak as per your requirements. Customization helps the organizers design the platform according to their brand and meeting requirements. On customizable platforms, one can leverage different branding options available, and maximize the reach of their own brand. 

  1. Easy Interface

Moving onto the next feature, look for a platform that can be easily accessible and comes with an easy interface. You wouldn’t want people to spend minutes and hours just getting on the platform; it will simply add to everybody’s frustration. Respect others’ time, and choose a platform that can be accessed easily and is easy to navigate through. It will not only save everybody’s time and add value to their experience. 

Final Word

As we have talked about it already, you cannot host an online meeting that is successful with a strategy that belongs to 2020. You need to have an advanced strategy, platform, and approach that would justify everything and make your participants feel the same. Be a part of the trend, plan your virtual meeting in an efficient way and deliver exclusive experiences with a well-planned strategy. Also, as we have already mentioned, there are several online platforms that one can use to host virtual meetings. However, you need to have clarity about what you want to have in your platform and the kind of experience you wish to deliver to your participants. Once you have things in place, move ahead with hosting

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