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Is Selling an Appsumo Lifetime Deal Worth It?

If you’re a software developer or an entrepreneur, you’ve probably seen AppSumo’s lifetime deals for various software programs. AppSumo is an online marketplace that provides lifetime deals on various software programs at a discounted cost. The question is: is offering the AppSumo lifetime deal worth the cost?

Let’s first have a look at what AppSumo does and how it functions. AppSumo is an online platform that connects software developers to potential customers. It provides software with discounted prices and users can buy the apps with a lifetime deal. It is a single payment that grants customers unlimited access to the software.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages when the sale of an AppSumo lifetime subscription.

The benefits of selling an AppSumo Lifetime Term Deal

  1. Increased exposure: Offering an AppSumo lifetime contract can give your application a lot of exposure. AppSumo has a huge number of users, so your application will be exposed to potential customers who might not have heard of your software otherwise.
  2. Revenue Boost: Offering an annual deal can provide an impressive boost to your revenue. Even if you’re offering the software program for sale, however, the one-time payment of several customers can lead to an impressive increase in revenue.
  3. Customer Acquisition Selling a lifetime deal is an effective strategy to acquire customers. If a buyer purchases a lifetime deal they’re likely to utilize the software program and will become a loyal customer. Furthermore, these customers could recommend your product to other customers and resulting in increased sales.
  4. Testing Ground: Offering an AppSumo lifetime agreement is an excellent method to test your app’s marketability. If it is successful it will provide valuable feedback and information from users that will aid in improving the software.

Negatives of Selling the AppSumo Lifetime Lifetime Deal

  1. Increased Revenue over lower revenue in the Long Run: Selling an AppSumo lifetime deal could bring in a substantial increase in revenue initially however it could cause a decrease in revenue in the long term. After customers have purchased their lifetime subscription, they might not be enticed to buy additional updates or subscriber services. Furthermore, the income that is generated by lifetime deals is a single payment, while subscription models would generate an ongoing revenue stream.
  2. More Support A sale of an AppSumo lifetime agreement will result in increased support demands. Since customers will have unlimited access to this software which means they will require greater support than customers who subscribe to subscription models. This additional support requirement could be expensive and time-consuming.
  3. A lower perceived value: Offering an AppSumo lifetime agreement will cause a decrease in the perceived value of the software application. Some customers might believe that the application isn’t worth the full cost if it’s sold at a significantly discounted cost.
  4. The wrong customers If you offer an AppSumo lifetime deal could bring in customers only looking for a great deal but are not keen to use the software application for a long time. They may not give useful feedback or recommend your product to others.

Does Selling an AppSumo Lifetime Term Deal worth it?

The sale of an AppSumo lifetime agreement could be worthwhile If you’re looking for an increase in revenue, greater visibility, and the possibility of acquiring customers. However, it’s crucial to take into consideration the negatives also, like lower revenue in the long term, higher support requirements, lower perception of value, and getting the wrong type of customers.

If you choose to offer an AppSumo lifetime contract it is important to have a strategy that will mitigate the negatives. For instance, you could provide customers with the option of upgrading to a subscription-based model after a set time period in order in order to earn recurring revenue. In addition, you can offer detailed support documentation as well as set expectations with your customers regarding the quality of support they will get.

It is also essential to be able to strategy is implemented to ensure that you’re reaching the right clients. This can be achieved by directing your marketing efforts at your ideal customers and highlighting the distinct benefits of your software. This will help you draw customers who are keen to use your software for a long time and are willing to give valuable feedback and recommendations.

It is crucial to remember that AppSumo lifetime deals aren’t an all-inclusive solution for each software program. Certain software applications might be more suited to subscription models and others could be better off with a one-time deal. It is crucial to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each model of pricing and then determine which one is most suitable for your software and business objectives.


In the end, offering an AppSumo lifetime contract is a great method to increase the amount of revenue, exposure, and the acquisition of customers. It is important to be aware of the negatives and put a strategy in place to minimize these. In this way you can be sure that you’re attracting the right customers, earning an ongoing revenue stream, and providing the best customer service to your clients. In the end, the choice to offer an AppSumo lifetime agreement must be based on a careful evaluation of the software’s specific requirements and goals.


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