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Get Free RDP Server Without Credit Card

Have you ever wondered about getting RDP servers for free!! Obviously, who would not like to get it to wait, how will you determine that you are getting the best servers? Well, no worries because we have brought to you the best free RDP server provider in the market. 

But before taking it further, we would to clarify that this review has been written completely based on our personal experience because we have been using it for the last 4 months and have analyzed its services on various aspects that we have explained in this article. 

And in the end, we will also guide you to get your own RDP server for free without any credit card!! Hence we will recommend you read this article carefully so that you don’t miss anything. 

What is RDP Server?

But before moving further, for those who are not well aware of RDP servers, we have explained a brief about it here in this section!! 

Basically, an RDP is a proprietary network protocol developed by Microsoft, which allows you to connect your local computer to a remote computer located far from you on servers with a facility to operate it using your computer’s input and output devices, such as a Keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.  

Get a Free RDP Server from RDPHostings

Now, without any further delay, here in this section, we have explained everything about the free RDP server provider, RDPHostings. So if you want to understand everything in detail, read the further section carefully. 

About RDPHostings

Introducing to you one of the best RDP server providers, RDPHostings, which built its servers compatible enough to work with all popular operating systems available in the market, no matter whether you love to work with Linux, Windows, or any other popular OS. 

One more interesting aspect of RDPHostings is that it has built an extensive knowledge base with blogs covering all the probable problems that you may face in your online journey. 

Features of RDPHostings

But what makes it so special? Well, read out yourself!! Because here in this section, we have mentioned all of its key features that separate from the market. 

✅ Full Admin Access

RDPHostings provides you full admin access to their servers so you can customize your servers as per your needs and requirements and enjoy the full power of your servers. For example, full admin access allows you to operate your remote desktop with full control such as you can use the control panel, installing your desired application, modifying your application, and much more!! 

✅ Powerful Server Infrastructure

One of the best aspects of RDPHostings is that they have equipped their servers with the best in class hardware technologies such as SSD drive for storage with high-quality security so that you can experience both high performances without comprising with each other. 

✅ Compatibility

Since RDPHostings uses the best and most advanced hardware equipment for their servers, they confidently talk about its compatibility!! And literally, their server can work with any operating system you wish, no matter whether it is Windows or Linux. 

In addition, they also allow you to install your desired application on your remote desktop without any restriction. 

✅ 24*7 Technical Support

One more interesting aspect of RDPHostings is that they have built a team of certified professionals to support you at every stage of your journey whether it is regarding the server or the OS you are working with!! 

You can contact them anytime via the below-mentioned modes: 

➡️ Ticket 
➡️ Email 
➡️ Query form 

But the easiest way to get your problems fixed is through their extensive knowledge that consists solutions of to all the problems that you may face!!

✅ Enterprise-Level Hardware

It also allows you to upgrade your server resources anytime as your needs and requirements grow!! Suppose that you want to work with high-quality video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or similar then you will need a little higher resources such as more storage, more RAM, etc. 

But all thanks to RDPHostings server that are compatible enough to allow you anytime upgradation to as many resources as you want!! 

✅ Instant Account Setup

The best part about RDPHostings is that it provides you services with an instant setup, which means you just need to choose your desired plans, enter your authentic details and that’s all!! Your servers will be ready to use right after you finish the payments. 

What are the benefits of having an RDP Server?

There are multiple benefits of RDP servers that make them so popular in the market!! We have mentioned some of them here in this section below: 

🔶 Bypass licensed application: Suppose you want to use an application with your team but its license fee is really expensive in that you can install it on an RDP server so that all your team can access it simultaneously. 

🔶 Access your files from anywhere: The best benefit of RDP servers is that you can access your important files from any part of the world. For example, you have created a video on RDP servers and have not downloaded it to your local computer and you have to go on a holiday. Well, no worries because you just have to login into your remote desktop 

🔶 Security: RDP servers come with a different IP so that you can be anonymous on the internet. For example, you can access any website on the internet even though that website is blocked in your country. 

How to get Free RDP Server from RDPHostings?

But how will you get your own free RDP server from RDPHostings? No worries because here in this section, we have mentioned the precise steps through which you can get your own RDP server without any hassle. 

👉🏼 Visit RDPHostings.com 

👉🏼 Choose a solo server plan if you want to work with Linux and windows if you want to work with Windows. 

👉🏼 Enter your detail such as your domain 

👉🏼 Click on the continue button and get your servers ready in just a while! No credit card or hidden charges applied 


So what do you think? RDP Hosting’s sounds amazing, isn’t it? If you are specifically for our recommendation then we will suggest you go with it because it provides you services with really amazing features such as SSD equipped server and much more!! 

Hopefully, you have understood everything in detail!! And if you have any queries you can feel free to comment down below. We will try to respond to you as soon as possible.


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