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Free WordPress Hosting For Students

Getting your website hosted is one of the first hurdles that students commonly face while starting their careers as a blogger, entrepreneurs, developers, or in any other field. Especially because finding affordable hosting services has become a very tough nut to crack. 

But no need to worry about it anymore because here in this article, we have brought to you the best free WordPress hosting for students so that you can make your website live on the internet, and that too for free. 

What is Free WordPress Hosting?

Before moving further in the article, let’s first understand what WordPress hosting is. See!! Basically, there are two methods of creating a website based on your technical or non-technical skills.

✅ Custom or coded website 
✅ CMS-based website.

Leave the first one!! Let’s discuss the second one, which is CMS-based websites. When you create your website with a CMS such as WordPress, it requires a specially optimized server to ensure higher performance, and when hosting your website on these servers, it is called WordPress hosting.

Note: You can use any other CMS, such as Joomla but make sure you host it on optimized servers so that you can enjoy better performance.

Hopefully, you have understood the complete picture of what is WordPress, now let’s glance at our main agenda, which is to tell about free WordPress hosting providers. But before we must clarify that we have brought this article based on our personal experience.

So you can expect genuine information.

About GoogieHost

Introducing to you GoogieHost, which provides completely free WordPress hosting services in the market. But why? Well, basically, GoogieHost aims to make provide everyone with the capability to make their online presence regardless of low budget. 

And thanks to its commitment GoogieHost is trusted by millions of customers, making it the most popular web hosting provider in the market.

Free WordPress Hosting for Students


Here in this section, we will discuss some of its key features so that you can understand the complete picture of its service’s quality. 

Free Web Hosting: One of the best aspects of GoogieHost is that they provide completely free services without any hidden or additional charges so that you can even enjoy premium service regardless of your budget. 

Free SitePad Builder: As I told you above that even if you have no prior knowledge in programming you can easily create a website, but since CMS are quite heavy, GoogieHost provides a completely free-of-cost site builder so that you can easily create your website with just drag and drop method. 

Easy to Use cPanel: But what after you successfully created your website? Now you can easily manage your website files and other resources with an easy-to-use control panel which is cPanel. 

Free Sub-Domain: GoogieHost also provides you with a free sub-domain so that you don’t need to purchase anything to host your website. 

Free Business Email: To ensure that you can easily manage your website, and business blogs and grow more connections GoogieHost provides completely free-of-cost business email at no hidden charges. 

Security Features

Hopefully, you have understood it features that are responsible for higher performance!! But what about its security features? Don’t we have mentioned them here in this section below? 

Server Uptime:  GoogieHost has equipped its website with high-quality security features to ensure higher uptime for your website. Basically, uptime tells you about the availability of your website. 

Free SSL Certificate: SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer which provides an encrypted network communicated protocol so that there is no unauthorized access to the server or your website. 

Customer Support: GoogieHost provides you with 24*7 customer support so that you can enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted website loading speed on the internet plus you can instantly get your problems fixed. 

How to get Free WordPress Hosting For Students From GoogieHost?

So what do you think about it!! GoogieHost is definitely an amazing free WordPress hosting provider that you can use to host your website. Hence here in this section, we have mentioned the precise by following you easily make your website live on the internet.

➡️ Visit the website

➡️ Click on the button attached below “ START FOR FREE”

➡️ Tick mark on the “Use GOOGIEHOST subdomain”

➡️ Enter your domain or go with subdomain and click on the “Continue” button

Note: Now you just need to enter your authentic details and checkout with your plans. Your website servers will be ready to use.

Does Free WordPress Hosting is Helpful for Students?


Despite free WordPress hosting servers doesn’t come blazing-fast performance, they can be really helpful, especially at the initial stage of students’ journey. But how? We have mentioned the points below. 

✅ Students can easily test multiple blogging niches 

✅ They can easily start their startup’s website even when they don’t have funding. 

✅ They test multiple websites and explore web development more. 

✅ Students can explore more technologies. 

Note: There are much more benefits that students can enjoy with free WordPress hosting services. 

Recommendation for Paid Web Hosting Services(YouStable)

Overall you can easily host your WordPress on GoogieHost without even paying a single penny!! But if you still want to experience hosting services then we have also brought to the best premium WordPress hosting provider that is YouStable. 

YouStable was established in 2015 with the aim to provide the best and most affordable web hosting services in the market. And for that, they use servers equipped with the latest hardware technologies plus features to ensure blazing-fast performance for your website.

About YouStable


GoogieHost is definitely a very impressive free WordPress hosting for students provider, all thanks to its quality features such as free site builder, business email, site builder, and much more. And more interestingly you will not find some of its features even in premium services.

For example, GoogieHost uses NVMe-equipped servers to ensure fast data transport between your server to the customer. If you want our suggestion then we will recommend you to go with it!! GoogieHost will not make you regret it. 

The rest is up to you!! Hopefully, you have understood everything in detail. Make a wise decision.


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