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Why Do Companies Need A Distributed Antenna System?

Many companies struggle with limited wireless network coverage and poor cellular signal connectivity in their buildings. To support the company’s network-related activities now and in the future, it’s important you have chosen the right solution to tackle this problem. In this article, you will be provided with an efficient way to enhance the cellular signal of your building for better network coverage.

Are you wondering how to get better network coverage and stronger signals? The answer is by installing a DAS antenna system in your corporate buildings. A distributed antenna system (DAS) boosts your building’s existing cellular signals to provide better network coverage and cellular connectivity to the end users. It has the ability to connect the person on the fiftieth floor to the person in the basement of the skyscraper over a mobile device.

Brief About Distributed Antenna System?

A DAS is a network of antennas secured to a central source that is dispersed across the building. A large number of antennas are distributed evenly throughout the ground. It assures none of the signals from the various antennas interfere with one another. DAS pulls a signal from a resource such as a rooftop antenna, BTS fiber transport, or small cells. Then channel that signal through the DAS antenna cabling to the amplifier unit. Further, the amplifier boosts the signals and runs the amplified signal via antennas throughout the building including indoor and outdoor areas.

The DAS setup depends on two components.

  1. Signal Source: DAS system has no signals. So, you have to provide a source of the signal so that it can amplify that signal. There are 3 different sources, including small cells, on-site base transceiver stations, and off-air antennas. All three sources are responsible for providing signals to the DAS system.
  1. Signal Distribution System: After receiving the signal from the source, the signal is transmitted to the amplifier unit. Here, the weak signal gets amplified and distributed to the antennas. There are four types of distribution methods to distribute the signals to the antennas. Such methods or mechanisms are active DAS, passive DAS, Hybrid and digital. At last, amplified signals are sent all over the buildings.

How Does A Distributed Antenna System Work?

The working of DAS starts from the signal source from where the DAS captures its signals. Here, the signal source can be of any resource such as a rooftop antenna, base transceiver station, or small cells. Signals are transmitted to the amplification unit after they are received. After amplifying the boosted signals are sent to the antennas. Further, amplified signals are distributed on each floor of the building.

Why Do Companies Need A Distributed Antenna System in their buildings?

You may have noticed cellular network services in your buildings can be of uneven quality. That is because buildings are made from certain metals and concrete. Such construction of buildings makes it challenging to capture the network signals indoors. Especially in crowded areas and dead zones of your buildings.

As a result, you experience the inconvenience of no internet, weak signals, dropped calls, unsent messages, text,  images, or data. On the other hand, such activities are necessary for your business. From communicating with worldwide clients, saving data on cloud computing, and making payments online to emergency calls, everything is possible when you have better wireless connectivity in your area or building.

So, stronger mobile connectivity is mandatory these days. Here, the DAS antenna system helps you in having boosted cellular signals. The DAS amplifies the existing signals of your buildings and ensures you better mobile connectivity.

Benefits Of Using A Distributed Antenna System

Distributed antenna systems favor organizations that have large areas and high traffic. Nowadays companies rely on many applications for business activities. Such applications need the high performance of internet and cellular connectivity. So, to get enhanced signals with better and more coverage in your workplace, you need a DAS antenna system. The benefits of using a DAS are mentioned below.

  • Provide better coverage
  • Extend wireless coverage
  • Improved voice services
  • A comprehensive option
  • Reduce power consumption

Which Companies Can Benefit From A Distributed Antenna System?

DAS is useful for high-altitude buildings, such as convention centers, mid-rise buildings, high-rise buildings, and skyscrapers. It is also useful for high-traffic areas, such as workstations in your IT companies. Some of the businesses which can benefit from DAS are mentioned below.

  • Shopping malls
  • Food restaurants
  • Roadways tunnels
  • Event venues
  • Retail stores
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Stadiums

Why Do You Need A Distributed Antenna System?

If you are also tired of hearing about poor mobile connectivity and slow internet speed from your employees, clients, and customers. You should opt for a DAS antenna system installation in your building. There are many other reasons which will convince you to have a DAS installation in your company building.

A Money-Saving Solution

Distributed antenna systems are designed for low power consumption. Basically, you have the benefit of enhanced mobile connectivity while reducing your power consumption. After installation of DAS, you will surely have reduced energy bills which will save you lots of money.

Indoor And Outdoor Coverage

As the DAS system covers both indoor and outdoor areas of your business building. So, ensure both your employees sitting in the cubicles and customers visiting your reception area are satisfied with the good mobile connectivity. Basically, the DAS system ensures no one experiences any poor cellular connectivity when they are inside or outside your business building.

Improved Business Communication

Improved mobile connectivity not only helps your employees and customers to communicate better over mobile devices. It also improves your business communication like conference calls, business meetings, remote interactions, and large team meetings.


In this mobile world, where every person relies on mobile devices, it becomes necessary for businesses to have a stronger signal and better cellular network coverage for business communication. To eliminate cellular connectivity problems in your business building, you need to install a Distributed Antenna System.

The DAS antenna system consists of two components: signal source and distribution system. Firstly, it takes the already existing signal from your building. Secondly, send the signal to the amplifier unit for amplifying process. Thirdly, it distributes the amplified signals via antennas throughout your business building.

DAS system is an ideal choice for buildings, where businesses are experiencing poor networks and facing dropped calls, unsent messages, or extremely poor internet speed. It is a cost-effective solution that provides you with more and better coverage while reducing your power consumption. Also, it benefits your business communications because, after the installation of DAS, there is no chance of call disconnection in your mid-business meetings.


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