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The benefits of sending Delivery Service Text Messages 

These days technology is upgraded and many people started to update themselves with the latest technology. Communication between two different people happens with the help of text messages. These text messages have helped many people during difficult times. During the pandemic, almost everyone was stuck at home and couldn’t complete their daily activities. Text messaging has become a great benefit for them during the covid pandemic. All the food orders, grocery orders, and medicines were bought through online apps. Delivery service text messages have become convenient for the audience to know the updates of their order. 

Types of delivery notifications:

Order Confirmation: 

These notifications are very important for a customer to know about their orders. Many customers order through a website or any app and are eagerly waiting for their orders. So they wanted to know more about their orders and these order confirmations let the customer know more about the order.

For example:Hi! We have received your order and are being prepared in the kitchen. You will receive it shortly and we will let you know.

Shipping notifications: 

When a customer orders anything they have to know starting from the shipping details to delivery details. Shipping details are essential for a customer to let them know how far the order has moved.

For example Hi Indu, Your AJIO order with tracking ID 13670968006024 has been shipped by our delivery partner XPRESSBEES.We will deliver this order by Mon, 19 Dec.

Enroute updates: 

Generally when an order is being delivered the customer is informed about the expected delivery time and also will be provided with a link to help them if their order is not delivered in time.

For example Hey Ashish! New FC Stud.. from online, AWB:1340994609830 will reach soon, Delivery code:223504, Executive Contact No: 08046809755, PIN 483 Xpressbees 

Delivery confirmation: 

A customer needs to know about their product. So they should be informed about their delivery updates and confirmations. Text messages help them to send easily.

Example:Delivered: NIRMALA Women Kurta and… from was delivered. Click here to give feedback: 

Return confirmation: 

A customer can return the product if they are not satisfied or received the wrong product. So they need to know about the return status as their money is at stake and customers become anxious about their return and refund status.


Pickup Completed: OnePlus USB Type C Cable 6…. with tracking ID FMPR0368868439 from was picked up by an EKART Wishmaster named CHINTHAPALLI Ramesh today. Click to give feedback. 

Refund example: Refund Update: Refund of Rs. 849.0 for Flipkart order of OnePlus USB Type C Cab… was transferred on 04-Dec, and will be credited in 8 business days. If delayed, contact the bank using the number on the back of your card with the reference number: YESA244826. 

Benefits of delivery service text messages:

Text messages are instant: 

SMS is the fastest mode of communication and is being preferred by many businesses due to its instant delivery only.90% of texts are read within 5 minutes as most people are looking at their phones frequently and this is the best time to use text messaging service. Giving instant updates and immediate delivery confirmations makes the customer free from being anxious and do not worry about their product or order.

Example: When a customer orders a product and after their order, they need an immediate message to let them know about their order status. 

Arriving early: Sleepyhead Hollow Fiber… Use OTP 388524 at delivery to receive your package. Delivery agent +914067824444 PIN 6233.  

Doesn’t require internet: 

To make any orders a customer requires the internet and after making the order the customer has to receive messages regarding their order status. Customers should be able to track their packages at any time to make them feel less anxious and not get worried. SMS messages don’t require any internet so they can be sent to anyone around the world. SMS gateway doesn’t rely on the internet so the audience can look into their messages immediately and also can receive them instantly.

Example:Pickup Arranged: Please keep the originally delivered Flipkart order of OnePlus… in the product box with accessories and tags for pickup by 05-Dec. Check your email for important pickup details. Refunds will be initiated post 1 business day of pickup. Track Return:

Personalised messages: 

Through Text messaging, a business can send personalized text messages to the audience. Delivery service text messages should be personalized so that the interaction between a customer and a brand grows rapidly. If the order messages are personal, customers feel that the business is caring about them and prefer to opt for this brand only rather than other brands. If delivery service messages are personal to the customers the business drives up more sales and starts growing.

Boosts customer retention: 

Nowadays SMS messages are seen immediately by the audience as the usage of mobile phones increases and even small-town people are also using mobile devices. If delivery messages and order updates are sent through text messages adds a personal touch to the customers and such personalized messages boost customer retention and the relationship between customer and brand grows rapidly.

Example:Your product has been successfully delivered! We’d love to hear your feedback. Click here to know more. 

To send delivery service messages to many people at a single time SMS service provider helps businesses. These gateway providers send bulk messages at a time. Automated messages, personalized messages, reminders, and appointments can be sent to various people with the help of gateway providers. It helps to solve the customer’s feedback problems, using SMS Gateway brands can send SMS text messages to customers and can engage with customers personally. There are many SMS service providers such as Twilio, bulk SMS, Simpletexting, and SMS sender helps to send delivery updates easily at the appointed time. This will be easy and drive more sales. 


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