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How To Book A Flight For Free To Apply For A Schengen Visa?

Planning to explore rich cultures, distinct cuisines, modern and medieval architecture, and the alpine countryside of the Schengen Area this year? If yes is the answer, then, the next step will be applying for the Schengen Tourist Visa at one of the embassies of Schengen countries. Your tourist visa application will be accompanied by a wide array of documents and among them will be a flight reservation for a visa.

What Is A Flight Reservation For A Visa Application?

The term itself is a bit ambiguous. The 1st impression that it drops on new travelers is that you need to reserve a flight – or a ticket for a flight — before submitting an application to the embassy and paying for an actual ticket. This gives birth to a second question what if my application gets rejected? Will I lose the hard-earned money that I’d paid to reserve the flight?

We understand your worry and therefore, we are going to clear all your doubts. A flight reservation for a visa application does not tantamount to an actual ticket. Rather, it’s a dummy ticket that you submit along with your visa application to the embassy. The same term is also dubbed as:

  • Dummy Ticket
  • Flight Itinerary for visa application
  • Flight ticket for visa application
  • Flight Booking
  • Flight Reservation 
  • Verifiable Flight ticket/reservation/booking

All the aforesaid terms refer back to the same item: flight reservation for visa application. 

Why Do You Need A Flight Reservation For A Visa Application?

A flight reservation for a visa application is a document that gives an idea to the embassy official about the places you tend to visit or stay in the Schengen area and the aerial routes you will take to reach there. In an indirect way, it ensures the embassy official that you do not have any ill intention to stay in the host country or seek asylum there; once your visit is over, you will return back to your country. There are two types of flight reservations for a visa application:

One-way flight reservation: It is a document that permits you to travel to the host nation. However, the same document does not allow you to travel back to your home country from the host nation. 

Return air ticket or two-way flight reservation: The term itself is explanatory as this is the type of reservation that allows you to travel to the host nation as well as return back. A return air ticket or a two-way flight reservation usually costs more than a one-way air ticket. 

Can You Book A Flight Reservation For A Visa Application For Free?

Well, the simple answer is NO!

You have to pay a very small amount for a Schengen flight reservation for a visa application when compared to an actual flight ticket. A dummy air ticket can be booked for as low as $25 or $30 whereas an actual flight ticket may cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars – depending on the place you want to visit. 

It is always wise to attach a dummy air ticket with your visa application as you can’t discard chances of visa application rejection and if the same happens, there are very strong chances that you lose the hard-earned money that you have paid for an actual ticket. 

You can buy an actual flight ticket from a travel agent or from online. However, a dummy ticket bought from the travel agent will be expensive as they themselves buy these documents online. Therefore, it is always wise to buy a verifiable flight reservation online. 

You can scrutinize the authenticity of the online company by exploring the multiverse of the internet. Remember that a flight reservation that you buy from a trusted dealer can be verified from the airlines’ websites.


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