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A Warm Interlude from the Crypto Winter: Blockchain Gaming

With established gaming companies closely monitoring the developing industry, blockchain gaming is seeing a parabolic growth in user engagement and investment. Without a doubt, established gaming studios like AE Sports are considering this as the main business of traditional gaming firms is threatened by blockchain gaming.

So we’ve put together a concise primer to blockchain gaming and how it can encourage more people to use blockchain technology for individuals who are tired of FTX, plummeting coin prices, and outright rug grabs.

Blockchain Gaming

A Warm Interlude from the Crypto Winter: Blockchain Gaming

Games driven by bitcoin, smart contracts, and NFTs are known as “blockchain games.” The terms Web3 games, Play-to-Earn (P2E), and cryptocurrency games are also used to describe them. In the gaming industry, semantics are frequently discussed and are primarily employed for marketing.

Only in blockchain games are NFTs intended for usage with in-game objects. They might, however, also drive a virtual currency-based gaming economy.

Whatever the case, ownership components are essential for a Blockchain-based game. Players control the in-game goods and currency that are sold on markets and exchanges. In-game assets include things like armor, accessories, weapons, and money.

As players keep their digital possessions, there is also a collectibility component.

Companies can give users a say in how a game develops by incorporating a management model, and outside developers can add services on top of the game that is already available. Decentralized applications (DApps): what are they exactly? Since it can be programmed, Ethereum is the first blockchain that enables for software development.

They are referred to as smart contracts. For example, one contract is needed to set up the liquidity pools, and another contract is required to specify the functionality. One or more smart contracts make up a decentralized application, or DApp. Game designers can give consumers access to in-game items by using a DApp.

One of the simplest methods to include Web3 features in your games is with this method. DApps, however, can manage more complex rules, such as adding economics or establishing game rules.

What are the top Web3 game DApps?

Qualitative research, such as star ratings and user reviews, frequently influences gaming decisions. However, a more precise measurement is possible because of blockchain technology. Instead of relying solely on reviews, users may now enhance their selections with information from the blockchain.

On Web3, you can determine how many players a particular game DApp has. You can determine how frequently people use the DApp, how much value is moved throughout the ecosystem, and how much the NFTs will be valued. Platforms like DappRadar enable users to search for every game DApp that is currently on the market.

Users may make informed judgements using the platform’s quantitative measurements. The standings of the game are sorted via UAWs, or unique active wallets. Players can also locate NFTs needed by a game using NFT Explorer. Simply type the name of the game in the search window to find a digital content.

Which game DApps will be most popular in 2023?

By the end of 2022, numerous new gaming projects will have either begun development, released, or entered alpha or beta. Blockchain games will proliferate in the upcoming years. These games almost certainly won’t make any mention of NFTs, metaverses, or cryptocurrencies. Free game play will provide you the opportunity to discover your possession of in-game items, which you can then trade in-game or in a public market.

At DappRadar, you can always find the market’s busiest blockchain games. These can be sorted according to the blockchain ecosystems they support or the volume of transactions they handle. Free to use, the DappRadar games rating offers another discoverability option by filtering out older DApps.


In the long run, promising ventures might generate good profits, but for every project that succeeds, there will be one that fails. You should always conduct your own research and never risk more money than you can afford to lose before investing in bitcoin currencies, NFTs, or a blockchain gaming business. Also, get to know the best gaming crypto coins!


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