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A Step-by-Step Approach to Finding the Best Private School

A Step-by-Step Approach to Finding the Best Private School. Finding a good school in Singapore for your child is a challenging task. It’s like a marathon that requires commitment and preparation. Whether it is an international primary school or a local secondary school, you need to evaluate it thoroughly and follow a structured process to find the best school in Singapore.

Here is a Step-by-Step Process to Help You

Consider Your Requirement Wisely

When it comes to finding a private school in Singapore, the fit is critical. You cannot follow a one-size-fits-all attitude. What makes a school ideal for your sibling’s child may be a challenging choice. You should take a more holistic approach and consider things like family background, your child’s individual needs and strengths, her philosophy on educational philosophy, etc.

Many diverse private schools in Singapore offer excellent academic and extracurricular programs. Some follow a specific educational philosophy; some follow the curriculum of a particular country; some serve a particular religious community; some are arts-based schools; some are girls-only, boys-only, or special needs schools, etc. Therefore, when you add schools to your set of considerations, you should consider each aspect and how the school meets it.

Things to Consider

  • Your child’s learning style, personality, special needs, and academic ability
  • Your family’s goals, values, and priorities
  • Your educational budget
  • Ideal academic environments and non-negotiable must-haves, such as specific athletic or extracurricular facilities, small class sizes, and more


It is the most crucial point, and it can never be enough. Make sure to complete your homework. Make sure you have complete knowledge and information about the international school in the Singapore landscape to make the right choice for you and your child. Some tips to help with the investigation:

  • Start at least a year in advance, you may feel like you have time, but you don’t
  • Ask other parents for feedback and opinions, but rely on something other than that. First-hand primary research is a must.
  • Check the school website for the curriculum, teacher profiles, vision, etc. Go Trending News brings you the latest trending news, viral videos, viral memes, world’s top trending news, today’s trending events, and fashion trends.

Visit the Shortlisted Schools

You can find a lot of information online, but nothing compares to visiting schools. Most of the schools in Singapore welcome parents enthusiastically. Refrain from making a judgment on the first visit; Please call again if you like something. Be open with your questions. Always carry your checklist with you so you can catch everything necessary.

Check the following from the school, among other things

  • His vision and philosophy.
  • Your communication channels and methodology
  • School curriculum, teacher qualifications, and how they measure achievement and progress.
  • Student-teacher ratio and class size.
  • Fees and additional expenses

Make an Urgent Request to Several Schools

Once familiar with numerous schools and have gathered reliable first-hand information, start selecting the best schools. Make sure you have your priority list in front of you when you do this. At this point, you may have more than one “best” school for your child, and that’s okay.

Don’t overlook these points:

  • Submit your applications on time; if not before, check when schools complete their enrollment.
  • Check if an entrance exam is required; this will depend on the school and grade to which your child needs admission.
  • Check to see if the school has established entry years on the school’s website.
  • Prepare for the interview, and don’t stress your child about the interview or test.
  • Put only some of your longings in one school.
  • Be truthful and transparent about your child’s needs and whether the school can accommodate them. For example, special learning requirements.
  • Consider the importance of extracurricular activities and ensure they fit your child’s interests.
  • Please don’t push your child into a school where he isn’t doing well; Know its capabilities, so you don’t set it up to fail.
  • The school must not only be right for you and your family, but it must also be in tune with the needs of the schools.
  • Understand the school’s vision, expectations, and philosophy from the start: no one will change for you.
  • If a school has been a certain way, say an academically focused school that is known to give a lot of homework every day, make sure you’re okay with that, as things will continue the way they have for eons.

Stay Humble and Grounded While You Wait for Your Admission Results

The finish line is near, and it’s natural to get anxious. You have done your best, so there is not much else you can contribute except to be calm and collected for yourself and your child.

There will be several schools that your child will be admitted to and others that will not. Do not be disappointed or feel sorry for the child. Once you accept a school, be confident in your decisions and feel proud that you made a decision that will be key to shaping your child’s future.


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