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5 Easy plumbing tips to raise water pressure

To increase low water pressure, here are 5 incredibly simple professional plumbing tips.

Whatever your motivation, learning how to raise the water pressure in your home is a good idea. However, the following one is sufficient: the discomfort of entering the shower only to have extremely low water pressure. Similar to taking a shower with a doll-sized shower head.

If you have low water pressure, these 5 suggestions will help, whether you use well water or city water:

  • The pressure should be checked using a water pressure gauge.
  • Examine the shower head for obstructions.
  • Invest in a pressure-reducing valve.
  • Communicate with your neighbors
  • Add a water pressure booster.

In reality, if you wanted the water pressure in your whole house to be low, all you would have to do is put in a few small appliances. Although you didn’t. due to the fact that very few people want low water pressure.

Before buying big appliances, the first thing you should do is check the water pressure in your whole house, not just in the shower.

To assess whether the pressure is localized to one location or is spread out over a larger region, you should check the water pressure across the rest of the house (more area, more problems).


Testing the pressure on your own is a good place to start. At a nearby home improvement store, a water pressure gauge is as simple as they come and is a stunning $9. A hose bib, similar to the one on an outdoor faucet, should be screwed onto the device, then the tap should be opened.

Make sure all other faucets in your home are shut off, as well as any water-using appliances (such the dishwasher and washer).


Don’t plumbers enjoy clearing out clogs? The accumulation of mineral deposits inside your pipes is a possibility. In extreme situations, the pipes’ diameter may drop till they obstruct.

Due to this reduction in size, the water can’t flow through freely, so it just drips in the shower or trickles out of the faucet.


What if the gauge indicates that there is low water pressure throughout the entire house? A main water valve is located in your home, typically close to the meter. Water entering the pipes in your house is controlled by it. The pressure-reducing valve might need to be adjusted, so try that.

The main supply line close to your water meter is where you should seek to locate the valve. A bolt protrudes from the cone of the valve’s conical shape. If it’s open all the way, make sure it is.

During routine maintenance and repairs, the valve occasionally needs to be turned. Your contractor might have shut off the main water supply and only partially opened the valve if your pressure drop corresponds with recent home improvement work you had done. Pressure dropped as a result of the restricted flow.

You can easily adjust the valve yourself, which is a good thing. The bolt’s locknut should be undone before turning it clockwise to increase pressure. Retighten the locknut after checking the gauge frequently to ensure that the pressure is within acceptable limits.

For further information, speak with your neighbors.
Many of us just prefer not to speak to anyone if we can avoid it, despite the advice to avoid interacting with strangers. However, to find out if they have good water pressure or not, you might need to speak with your neighbors. Have they got a similar issue with their water pressure?

If so, the city’s municipal water system might be the problem. These systems can develop leaks, blockages, buildup, and corrosion just like the piping in your home. Therefore, to check the shutoff valve outside near the street, you might need to call the water provider.


The problem could end up being with the area rather than with you. You can also get help from North Sydney plumbing services for plumbing related issues.

Your home’s water pressure can be hampered if it must travel far or uphill from the municipal water source.

Consider installing a water pressure booster pump to increase the flow rate of water entering your property. A water pressure booster is an electric pump that sends water into a tank that keeps the water at the right pressure.


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